Leasing with Jaguar Finance

If you are a business owner and are looking for something really classy to give you that status of the professional business owner then look no further than Jaguar Finance. They offer a brilliant scheme where you can lease one of the top models through your business which means that you can off set it against your tax and whose to know it’s leased and not owned.

jaguar finance

I was recently looking at the Jaguar XE 2.Od 180 Sport and was left a little despondent when I seen the markup price set at over £32,000 that was until I found this leasing scheme which if I put through my business would cost me just over £200 a month. Ok, there were a few conditions like a limit of 10,000 miles per year but if you are like me and don’t take many long distant journeys then this is ample mileage. The terms of the lease were over 36 months however there was an option to even lease the car over 24 months obviously the price per month would then be higher.

Jaguar Finance brings you the executive image

From a young intern I always saw a successful CEO of a large company having that large Jaguar saloon car with the personalised number plate sitting in the number one parking spot in the office car park. Hence when I began to think of what car I wanted I immediately looked at the Jaguar But not the huge saloon type but rather the Jaguar XE 2.Od 180 Sport. I recognised immediately that with this car I would be sending out the signal to other businesses that I was successful and doing well in my business.

Having got the car through a Jaguar Finance leasing deal I can now say it has given me the image I was looking for and more. Although it is a compact design it has executive written all over it. Indeed it is such an innovative and bold that it screams success and style.

The experts and enthusiasts are right when they say that this new Jaguar is a real challenge to the German Audi and BMW makers and they recon that Jaguar is back in style with this new car. Jaguar have thought of everything with this model from the light weight aluminium body to the wishbone chassis it has it all. Take it from me it is really is a must have.

Ferrari Finance – the buyers guide

Having recently purchased an almost new Ferrari V8 with Ferrari Finance, I’ve had a few fellow enthusiasts ask me why I chose this car and how I went about buying it. I told them that when purchasing a car they need to find out as much information as possible so that they can make an informed decision on what is best for them. However it is also a must that you get it checked out by a professional independent expert.

When considering the price then the mileage is obviously a major factor alongside the year. Book prices are easily accessed on the web so that you have an idea how much you would expect to pay. However don’t be swayed by the ballpark internet figures take a look at the body and condition of the car which can sway the price either side of the book price.

Service History essential for Ferrari Finance.

If you are looking into Ferrari Finance then one of the main things you will need is a detailed service history of the vehicle. If it hasn’t got a service history then I would advise to give it a miss. Make sure there has been regular annual service schedules and that the service outcomes are documented. It is ideal that a car is serviced at regular mileage intervals so check this against the annual mileage. The services should be a split of annual and mileage services. By doing this you will also find that you will be checking that the mileage is legitimate and authentic.

Regular services will include a change of oil to prevent the titanium connecting rods being damaged through corrosion from old mucky oil. This corrosion can cause bearings to cease and would need a complete rebuild of the engine. Check also that brake fluid has been regularly changed as if it is not changed it can cause problems with brake lines and even problems with the ABS which can cost a few thousand to repair.

In a nutshell checking out the documentation and history of the vehicle is and essential before you put your hand in your pocket for your new vehicle.

Range Rover Finance

If you are looking to get a Range Rover or Land Rover then you will be surprised at the offers that many of the main dealers now have in place with Range Rover Finance plans. There is something for everyone whether you are looking to buy brand new or used Range Rovers and there is even a good deal on purchasing used vehicles. The finance solutions are very flexible and bespoke to your individual budget. What is more a deal is easy to set up and can be done in a matter of hours as they you a huge database to check out your eligibility and do the necessary credit checks.


I think for me the best thing was that I did not have to go to one place to secure the loan and then back to the dealer it was all done under one company and that meant that the process was a lot easier and a lot quicker.

Range Rover Finance Freedom Deal

The Range Rover Finance deal I chose involved making regular monthly payments and tied to this was a guaranteed future value on the vehicle. Of course there was a few compromises to make before this guarantee would be valid. Namely I had to agree to a limited annual mileage and choose a time period for the agreement. The dealer then give you a guaranteed minimum future value of what the car would be worth at the end of the agreement.

The contract then deducts the future value and the deposit from the total amount of the vehicle and the regular payments are made against the remaining sum and of course the interest. At the end of the agreement then you have a couple of options. You can either choose a new car and set up a new deal using the difference between the minimum value and what you exactly get as a down payment. Alternatively you can pay the value and own the car outright. Or if you are really not wanting a range rover you can just return the car.

What I really liked about this deal was that the monthly payments were reduced as they were based on the difference between the future value and the current value of the vehicle. At the end of the agreement I was so happy with it that I took out a new Range Rover.